Video Games
The People, Games, and Companies
Stage 1: 1979 and Before

Video-Games is a work that traces the history of video games from their origins to 1999, covering computer games, console games, arcade games, and handheld devices. It focuses on the human aspect, the history of the people engaged in their creative endeavors, and their impact on the evolution of technology and design choices, Video-Games is based on decades of extensive research of direct and indirect sources and dozens of never-before-seen and specially crafted interviews to accompany the work with new and detailed information.

The Video-Games series consists of five volumes: the first two – Stage 1 and 2 – were published in Italian in October 2021 and 2022. The remaining three volumes are scheduled to be released annually between 2023 and 2025.

This crowdfunding campaign aims to finance the translation and printing in English of the first volume of the series, Stage 1.

This project was born from a collaboration with Mauro Corbetta and the Cultural Association Retroedicola Videoludica of Bergamo. For many years they have been involved in promoting Videogame Culture, focusing on the research, collection, and cataloging of all video games and related products including the creation of reconstructions of historical games such as Oxo, Spacewar!, and The Brown Box.


Video Games – History – The People, Games, and Companies

Video Games Stage 1: From Origins to 1979

  •  330 pages, 531,000 keystrokes, and 104 images;
  •  18 chapters and appendix;
  • Preface by Bonaventura Di Bello, Italian journalist, programmer, author;
  • Cover by Franco Brambilla, Italian artist.

Video-Games will be available in three editions:

  • Digital Edition: PDF and Epub, DRM-free;
  • Standard Edition: softcover with  color exterior, black and white interior;
  • Limited Edition: hardcover, full color throughout.


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The People, Games, and Companies
Stage 1: 1979 and Before”

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